Supplier eInvoice (Accounts Payable)

Supplier eInvoice solution for accounts payable automation

 Supplier eInvoice (eFacture) by SERES is a comprehensive and modular SaaS solution for accounts payable automation that offers a single portal for the processing of all your invoices and allows for the quick transition to electronic invoicing with all your suppliers.


Advantages of eInvoice

  • Receive all your supplier invoices through a single-access point
  • Rapidly reduce processing time and costs
  • Wide range of technological choices allowing to connect all of your suppliers
  • Guarantee the tax value of the electronic invoices received
  • Control and traceability of all your invoices
  • Storage with evidentiary value and immediate access to your archived invoices for 10 years


Expertise in electronic invoicing
We are specialized in electronic invoicing since 1994. Our solution is based on a secure platform, entirely managed by our teams, and certified by independent bodies in France and internationally. SERES is also an active member of European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA), committed to increasing the visibility and supporting the adoption of electronic invoicing in Europe.


Rollout of your project
SERES supports you during the launch of your electronic invoicing project. Our experienced team is at your service to tailor our solutions in order to precisely meet your needs. We offer personalized support and our expertise throughout the project: consulting services, project management, implementation support, assistance in community rollout.


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