Allegro EFI

Simplify your B2B exchanges with our Web EDI solution

Do you need to exchange documents by EDI with your customers but are unable to with your IT system? Allegro EFI is the turnkey solution that is best adapted to your setup.

The leading operational Web EDI service in France, Allegro EFI is an easy-to-use solution which allows you to meet the needs of your business partners regardless of the volume of flows exchanged while reaping the benefits of EDI: speed, traceability and reliability of exchanges. Allegro EFI does not require any specific IT knowledge or major investment. Accessible through a simple Web browser our solution allows you to input, send, receive and display EDI messages in a readable format.

Allegro EFI opens new perspectives by facilitating the tasks required for managing orders. A simple and less expensive solution.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive access via Web portal
  • Exchange using EDI format for all types of documents: order forms (ORDERS), shipping notices (DESADV), invoices (INVOIC), etc.
  • Possibility to print or download data in a readable format or CSV format for integration in your IT system
  • Solution based on a secure platform, fully operated by SERES
  • Service available 24/7


Your benefits

  • No investment in equipment or software
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Faster exchanges with your business partners
  • Traceability of messages exchanged
  • Transparency for your partners
  • Simple and adaptable pricing

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Allegro (RVA)

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Allegro EFI

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DocuPost Formulaires

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DocuPost Factures

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DocuPost Courriers

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DocuPost Chèques

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Automatisez vos échanges

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