Intelligent Document Capture solution for all documents processed in your company

DOCUPOST is an intelligent document capture software suite offering professional digitization applications and process automation for all types of incoming documents in companies (forms, invoices, checks, incoming mail, etc.). DOCUPOST is comprised on a set of configurable modules designed to be integrated into your company’s IT system. DOCUPOST offers the best automatic document recognition and optical character recognition technology (OCR). With DOCUPOST, your company can optimize costs and the quality of your information capture processes for documents and rapidly generate a ROI. The DOCUPOST suite is used for professional applications of all sizes (from several hundred documents to hundreds of thousands of documents per day).



Key Features of DOCUPOST

  • Control of scanners on the market.
  • Capture and import of documents in electronic format (fax, email, PDF, computer files).
  • WYSIWYG configuration tools for applications (DOCUPOST Studios).
  • ADR recognition engines, exclusive by format, keyword, semantic content.
  • Exclusive recognition engines (OMR/OCR/ICR, bar codes, hand writing).
  • Productive and ergonomic videocoding interfaces.
  • Exception processing and quality control.
  • Separation of duties workflow.
  • Application monitoring tools and production management.
  • Management of paper archives.
  • Connectors to third party systems (GED, ECM, ERP, CRM, proprietary systems, etc.)

Modular Solution

DOCUPOST is available in several formats corresponding to the various integration methods::

  • DOCUPOST Standalone – allows for the implementation of DOCUPOST technologies through standalone applications with products installed directly in your IT system.
  • DOCUPOST SGD allows for greater control of a DOCUPOST application by your IT system through asynchronous call interfaces.
  • DOCUPOST Server – corresponds to DOCUPOST technological applications through a document deposit portal.
  • DOCUPOST Lib – is a set of all the DOCUPOST functions available in the library mode with the API offering greater integration possibilities with the host’s document capture system.
  • DOCUPOST Mobile –  is a range of SDK allowing to load some of DOCUPOST’s automatic recognition functions into mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

DOCUPOST is also available in pre-configured vertically integrated applications targeting specific document flows: DOCUPOST Forms, DOCUPOST Checks, DOCUPOST Invoices, DOCUPOST Mail.

Avantages de DOCUPOST

  • Effectiveness: implement intelligent automatic capture applications to automate document entry and pave the way to fully dematerialized processes.
  • Savings: benefit from an extremely fast ROI.
  • Speed: optimize the processing time of your documents.
  • Quality: with automation of your capture applications, reduce the impact of human error.
  • Reliability: benefit from proven technology on high-volume critical applications.
  • Simplicity: use DOCUPOST’s configuration tools to rapidly roll out your applications.
  • Performance: benefit from DOCUPOST’s exclusive technology among the best in the field.
  • Scalability: take advantage of the progressive implementation capacities for multiple applications using the same DOCUPOST platform.
  • Compatibility: DOCUPOST technologies are designed to be naturally integrated into your IT system.

With DOCUPOST you benefit from SERES' unique expertise
DOCUPOST integrates exclusive technologies with demonstrated success developed for the most demanding critical applications. SERES’ experts created the automatic address recognition software used by La Poste at its industrial mail sorting facilities. This software processes the largest number of documents in France, with several millions of items every day. SERES provides its customers with unique technology that benefits from continuous development made possible through SERES’ research and development.
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