HR Workflow

Streamline the exchange of documents with your employees

HR Workflow (eParapheur) by SERES is an SaaS solution that allows you to easily manage the transmission of your HR documents to your employees in a multichannel method (web, SMS, email, mail). In addition to increased productivity, HR Workflow offers traceability of exchanges and protection against any disputes, contributing to the satisfaction of your employees. 


Key features

  • Automation of exchanges with your employees
  • Electronic signature of exchanged documents: contracts, amendments, obligatory HR exit documents, etc.
  • Easy integration into your HRMS structure
  • Automated validation workflow
  • Notifications & automatic alerts
  • Multi-channel communication (SMS, email, mail)
  • SaaS solution with minimal investment


Your benefits

  • Faster document processing time
  • Streamlined HR processes
  • Secured contract management
  • Simplification of employee records
  • Contributes to company profitability
  • Enhances your image as a future-oriented and innovative company 


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Allegro (RVA)

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Allegro EFI

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DocuPost Formulaires

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DocuPost Factures

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DocuPost Courriers

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DocuPost Chèques

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Automatisez vos échanges

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