A subsidiary of DOCAPOSTE and Bull, SERES is a major player for companies’ digital transformation in the field of electronic B2B exchanges and business process automation.

A leader of the electronic exchanges market for over 20 years, our primary goal is to support our customers by offering secure, interoperable and scalable solutions that naturally integrate into their current environment and allow for a progressive transition into a “digital company”.

Benefiting from stable financial growth, we guarantee our customers a sustainable investment.


Our expertise

B2B electronic exchange services

Our expertise in terms of design, integration and hosting of automated flow management tools allows us to provide our customers with solutions that are both powerful and secure. We have our own technical resources to develop, host and operate the services offered to our customers. We have three data centers in Europe, equipped with the latest technology in terms of backup power supply, temperature control, fire detection and extinction, access control, video surveillance and Internet access redundancy (BGP4).

Our experienced team is at your service to answer any of your needs for business process automation solutions and integration of automated flows while guaranteeing excellent service quality.

Software solutions for intelligent capture and document process automation

DOCUPOST, a ADR/ADCR software suite, covers all types of incoming documents in businesses (forms, checks, invoices, mail, etc.), in any format (structured, semi-structured, non-structured) and may be rolled out in several modes (installed, library, portal, mobile). This suite was fully developed by SERES from the research conducted by our ADR/ADCR unit, a recognized specialist in the latest intelligent document capture technology.

Rollout of your project

SERES supports you during the implementation of our solutions. Our experienced team is at your service to tailor our solutions in order to precisely meet your needs. We offer personalized support and our expertise throughout the project: consulting services, project management, implementation support, assistance in community rollout.

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Allegro (RVA)

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Allegro EFI

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DocuPost Formulaires

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DocuPost Factures

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DocuPost Courriers

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DocuPost Chèques

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Automatisez vos échanges

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