Approcheck Supplier Management Suite

A strategic supplier management tool

ApproCheck is an SAAS-based supplier management solution. ApproCheck helps you to consolidate all supplier information into a single repository, accessible to any person concerned in your company. Thanks to secure and configurable web access, your suppliers may access their accounts to keep their files up to date or access other authorized information. ApproCheck offers easier management of your legal obligations and provides you with complete and reliable supplier information, contributing to better control of your procurement processes.

Modular and configurable solution

Avaliable modules

  • AC Partner Management Suite : Main module for creating supplier references including the supplier database and the related document base.

Optional modules

  • AC Rating & Survey Suite : monitoring and rating of your suppliers or partners
  • AC Tender Management Suite : management of consultations and integrated e-Procurement module
  • AC Supplier Life Cycle : internal scoring & qualification of suppliers
  • AC Supplier Auctions : supplier auctions (standard, Dutch, Japanese)

Your benefits

  • Increased security and productivity for procurement management
  • Improved management of supplier referencing
  • Better anticipation and control of supplier risks
  • Easier data sharing and updating for the supplier
  • Compliance with legal obligations as regards undeclared work

Technology focused on your productivity
The Approcheck solution is based on the latest technology in terms of automation of exchanges and data security :

  • e-signature (contracts, orders, deeds, etc.)
  • Storage service with evidentiary value
  • ERP integration and interfaces (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • Automated workflows (validation, updating, circulation, notifications, etc.)
  • Multichannel reminders & notifications (email, SMS, fax, mail, registered letter, etc.)

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